Research: task 1

First task for the new years new project in inventivity studio was research based on cafe visits and observation of essential ‘touch points’ and communication opportunities generated by  3 original cafes places. Part A: Christmas break  was a good time to visit new and original places to pass the free time in. London’s board game … More Research: task 1

History baskets

This year I decided to invest my time instead of money in present making. One of my creative presents are history baskets, that are made from newspaper, good way to recicle by making something useful and with time interesting to hold wieved  information from the past.

Family and friends

Company bases on love, love for design that makes care for doing a really good job. Mission: always find a big idea, to build brands that people love to love. It was  very inspiring talk about future work and metodes. few things that shapes up a good design: Working in a very open, honest and … More Family and friends

Another idea on pastiche 1650 was to do a video about Andy Whorhol, so I did esperiments in photoshop the way he was doing his silk screens, very saturated. The words that I was planing to use where: consumption, pop, popular that would jump out 0f images just like in comics. The storyboard might look … More