Bookbinding Workshop


1Everything starts with paper, simple and white, fold in to two and a head of that is a whole story:

‘How the book is born’.

Books that holds different sorts of information in our daily life can be so different, starting from paper texture, thicknesses and moving in to binding, it can be engineered or made by hand, some of the examples are: glue-less, sew binding, stitched binding, spiral binding, staples binding. All of this were presented in workshop today. And they all have different character  personality, that made me wish to make my own hand made sketchbook.

 When dealing with book binding there are other things to consider: paper stock,orientation,audience, scale, functionality, format and of course the cost.


French fold pappers are easier to gather and has a ability to create more style and mystery.


Tutor Kieron Baroutchi showed how to make one of them with simple low cost materials, paper and pva glue.



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