Jones Knowles Ritchie studio


Jones Knowles Ritchie studio

It was a rainy London’s day and we led our way to JKR global studio. That welcomed us very warmly, with tea talk.


  • PG
  • Dura
  • Penhlions
  • Whaties
  • Convoisier
  • M&Ms
  • Tropicana 
  • L’Artisan

This where some of the recent brands that where presented to us whit brief story about redesigning them.

The company has 25 years experience working with big and small brands making them special .


Company is working in pixel and paper visual production .

The belief of company is to define soul and character of brand.

  Pass the visual message to the customer and it is vital to address specific audience.

  Approaches that are used at most of the times is reinventing idea or reducing all unnecessary information.

 Starting  with purity that lets the viewer to see the nuclear point in the message.

Purpose > Story > Point = Power, Success

Every project has a different message,

some tend to send vividness, health, be magnetic, show joy or elegance even smell of Paris.

In any case it is a story telling with design that needs to be done good.

That’s why there is big team working on that in  many areas  but still one close each other.

Studio space used to be of Jim Henson, that was  rearranged for the design and graphic purpose comfortable,

created to give possibility to interact with each other and produce great work.

Inspiration board, silent rooms, library, accounting corner, designer space and a great space for this steps,

that we all where sitting on, having a cup of tea .

It feels is very important  the space for team to be united in project,

all though long time a go company started in a very small space with nine desks and one photocopier (at times also used as a coffee table),

so it means there has to be something stronger than that…. and that is

Message + Packaging + Script + Color done well .


link to the creators:


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