from visual research

Ian Noble and Russell Bestley “Visual research” book.

This book had plenty of good advice’s Here are some of them, that might be good to keep in mind :


    •   First task for the designer is to identify what he or she is attempting to achieve with the project. ( the message). To specify that, you can ask some questions like: where will the work be situated, and what function will it fulfill
    •  analyze past and people acts
    • graphics and schemes helps a lot in research.
    • questions that needs wider answer than yes or now are the ones that can solve many problems in the project.
    • the symbols that are gathered together create a non verbal language and designers task is to know it very well so he can address hes message to specific audience.
    • text that  is on the page plays a big role also in it’s visual appearance not only message.tumblr_nrf7hnVB7y1qgnue7o3_500

Professional designer Matt Cooke suggests structured methodology, that is divided in  for stages:

  • Definition (that involves defining design problem, is the problem significant? what causes the problem and define target audience.
  • Divergence gather quantitative data, gather quality data. agree channels of distribution, enchant design problem.
  • Transformation; test the new material on smaller audience and observe the result. then re-evaluate design objectives.
  • Convergence; measure effectiveness and recommend improvements.

imagesHere are some of the symbols that i find very expressive and simple.


 This image reminds us  that you form your self from things that you consume .


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