Colage “Clenched fist”


In the Workshop of Ricardo Eversley we had to complete task: align ¨clenched fist¨ with cause or subject you feel passionate about.
I decided to do research about color and how it changes the world.

That’s why  on my poster is superhero Hulk with color in hes fist in a way it looks like squeezed from tube both ends. Liberating this expressive, colorful language from industrial gray city.

And here are some words that  I found interesting  in a book ¨Color Graphics¨ written by Keren Thideman and Cheyl Dangel Cullen.
 We do not live in black-and-white world of the film Pleasentville. Rather, we live in a increasingly colorful world, that is filled with emotions, feelings and associations.
The color allows people to see the taste and smell.
Most color response is due to experience  and association. It is the key element that can be used to catch the viewers attention.
Color can transcendent the limitations of words and reach across geographical boundaries. It is most often innately understood cross-culturally, triggering instant recognition of the intended message.
Understanding and utilizing color meaning will lead great impact to your design.


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