Walking through the fashion shops there are always these beautiful stylish dolls that are made to show ordinary people a sample how to dress. 

Mannequins in 21. century are so different, as different stores can be.

In photography workshop with Heather Mcdonugh, I

decided to do a typology about them.

The first fashion mannequins where made in 15th century nut human alike in France from paper-mache  19th century and later made from wax to produce more lifelike appearance, after material was changed to make it more durable.

The main purpose for this artist’s jointed model was for dress making.

Before that this duty was done by monuments and sculptures, sometimes even dolls.

But now that fashion is developed in fast changing industry, movable, light and human size models are made in every store to guide costumer through the newest trends.

 Sometimes they look like real human, some of them are abstract, old, damaged or creative.

So it made me think that mannequin is one of the criteria from which we can analyze about material culture lived in different districts. These pictures where taken in Shoreditch, Oxford circus, Camden town and in South Kensington they variety is as different human it self can be, depending on age, culture or social status.



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