If Buildings Could Speak

Today I had a great fun in Orlys Orbachs lesson.

We had to draw buildings with mood, but no facial expressions, entertainment for 10-15 minutes for a task.

IMAG4048First we had to write a mood on a little paper and then she mixed the papers and we all puled one different and illustrated building with that.

from this exercise  I learned how to capture the mood in art.

all though non of the guesses in the first task didn’t mach the “boredom” I was drawing ( couldn’t just leave the square there on the paper) .

Second exercise was to draw a given scenario – mine was “Your pet dog has gone missing” ( I like that Orly always links the theater in the tasks ). Then we had to find a pair, a person that did the same scenario drawing, this time task was completed successfully.

this is the image I made it a bit different in Photoshop.


After that we had to do 5 sketches in university building using different image making techniques.  I was walking in to the spaces I have never been before and the world that I discovered made me happy again 🙂 .dig7dig2dig5dig1dig6

Then from the sketches chose one and draw a poster for the location.

I made this one because I liked the atmosphere that was in chair design studio, the way everything was on the move and cared, even the radio was playing, that I found to be very homely sound.




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