The other side of modernism

Image: Warhol’s “The Scream (After Munch)” silkscreen ink and synthetic polymer paint on canvas. © 2013 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc./Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY

20th century around the world was not as nice as it appeared in America or Europe.
There was killing, destruction and propaganda. That damage was covered over with bright colours of mass produced things.
As industrialisation took over, people had much more money, but they values diminished. Everything was made for short period of time and reinvented again.
Population grew and people wanted to have even more, things, bigger order, more space, new life.
It seems to be aggressive period against the unprotected people and past, rejecting and deconstructing the history.
The most influential inventors of modernism Le Corbuisier and van dear Roche where inventing new pure place for the great spirits, one from sketches – publishing in media, the other – visiting near East country’s and admiring architectural greatness from Algeria.
Somehow it seems very cruel changes, getting rid of cultural history, sometimes it even feels that human is starting to become a robot in a pure organised world.
For sure the creators of the time had to have a big courage and a crazy obsession with they own ideas to change the world in so radical way.
From the other side it was a time of honesty, with design, materials and feelings.
World was recovering after war with desire to be happy.


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