cd covers

Visual research on posters in books:  Graphis music CD : an international collection of CD design. 1 / edited by B. Martin Pedersen and Factory Records : the complete graphic album / Matthew Robertson

Although this piece is made in oven that created despite the art also some un healthy toxic smells through creation,  this technique reminds me of early childhood experiments in balcony on windowsill doing research on plastalin that has been melted in the sun, I was amazed how glossy it can get from sun rays. Also Central Station Design group saw it to be interesting process.image

Photographer Kevin Cummins has captured musicians in movement the way I wish to capture people with pencil.image


This image feels very old, reminds of vinyl image

Mar go Chase brings mystical feel in her designimage

David Stone Martin illustration for jazz cd cover is elegant and interesting  peace not only because of the musical instrument  fragment but also the collage technique done very well.image

Another really elegant cd picture this time of Bernart Oblesby, Love it.image



Next image I would call “Naive psihodelic” is well done tears attention, that’s a sauce for an advertisement.image


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