Soundtracks of our lifes

three soundtracks from our life’s.  After choosing my songs I decided to use colour to reinterpretate feelings that music evokes. I started to do my colour sketches in sketchbook while I was choosing songs, and from there imageI picked the ones that where developing more free way.the outcome was planned to be like the image on the left, elegant typeface combined with abstract watercolour painting.

imagebut one step back I was having an idea to use three different solute compositions for each song, and capture colour in each face, the idea came one evening  while I was drawing with charcoal


But as it was too literal to use human to reflect on feelings, we decided , me and Sarha, to be more conceptual, so I did a research on thypefaces and started to draw them…image

As you can see from the characters that visited my sketchbook while I was studying type it was a workout and a fight against the letter chewing monster, that made all letters distorted.things started to seem to take right direction towards the finish line, in Victoria magical book binding whoop I bought my fabulous watercolour paper, and what’s drawing my chosen typefaces on each sheet. Then came Ben with a question ; ” want to have a chat? ”

So we sat there and I showed him some of my sketches also the ones in tablet imageand he said something like – the moby typeface is much better than the one I drew on the a2 paper, because it gives a feeling, not like the other that is a old typecace and destroys the beauty of colour poster I have made.

so it got me very worried because I had invested so much time on research and  drawing and still couldnt get the right feel in my work all though I do love the straight true opinions that are like a medicine, this time it made me stress because it is a bussy weakened in the job and time to experiment only in my dreams.

So I didn’t put my magic pencil down image

but continued to draw and found some new exciting typefaces… So I made my own discoveries and here is a point where I m at. Thank you for your time and interest in my journey of creation.  I will continue with emprovement of composition 🙂


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