Alison Fielding @ cover club

Late evening event in Shoredich, interesting location, cool music combined with strong character of Alison Fielding.

She sat on the stage and threw jockeys about her experiences, work process and ideas, so careless and cool, having slides of amazing work that felt to be made  by breath of musa, because of the way it feels so natural, strong, contemporary & interesting.

She her self was studying at goldsmiths university and got the job in the animation, illustrating movements, that didn’t made her happy, so she found a lucky advert of a art cover design company and sinc then is artist for sound.

Some good advices from Alison Fielding:

  • be resourceful
  • get to know from roots what your artist (task) is about
  • accidents sometimes happen for good
  • In design you get better with the process.



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