Monday Mathew talk

He is always so interesting and full of wisdom, it surprises me how much information can fit in ones head, I would like to organise my head collection in that proper way too.image

After the the presentation in which he showed vinyl collections, talked about books and writers, singers and bands he encouraged us to write our choice on a peace of a4 paper and make a collection on the wall in the studio.

i also showed him my project and he suggested me to do a researcher on other people brush strokes, that I did, and found interesting, first because it was a experience I never had before and second that it also made me see other ways people see brush strokes and apply them on paper.

Thank you who took a part in this experiment, it was very useful.

Experiment was to choose from 15 brushes 5 from 5 colours 3 and make 5 brush strokes, I also understood that the tasks has to be very simple for fast research.

sheets came out very nice and different I will definitely use that for my collection.

thank you.


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