utterly moving words

New task comes with new challenge, this time it is typographic moving image piece of 20 seconds long, with sound and directed with excellent precision.

For this task are devoted 3 weeks.

first day was dedicated to:

  • experiments with moving type.
  • writing workshop, in which we had to find words from the movie fragment that we will use in our video.

made a storyboard: 13046057_10154743885454008_1150442337_n

Here are videos that I made as a experiment, thanks to Lucy’s beautiful hands featuring in word Soft :


writing workshop with Mathew wrote down some notes: 13046227_10154743863459008_220982388_n

Then on Saturday a visit to Gods own Junkyard, made some sketches and pictures got inspired and enjoyed lively atmosphere, if you haven’t been there go and check it out, it is open the last 3 days of the week. site to the nion world


then on Monday we had a animation workshop, where i was thinking about my word development and few essential questions suggested by Kieron , we watched animations and made storyboards.

Second half of the day was with Adrian, he  showed presentation and talked about different ways of type and how people adopt to read illegible type, showed  amazing video  that illustrated Stravinsky musical composition with words written in music note type.

Then after 15minute break he thought the basics of After effects, it was interesting to make 3d type moving, changing color and projecting light on it, although it was not easy.

13059740_10154743947829008_925888277_nAdrian showing presentation


generating, developing ideas, watching animations, getting inspired in Kierons lesson.





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