Utterly moving words

this task made me think constantly about the movement, I was going to run and observing movement, listening to music and emagening the way words could flow, doing experiments with different materials


and finaly learning after effects.

it is so good to have a program like that, where from all your knowledge you can make magical things.

As on Wednesdays Spencer is teaching photography, and we are experimenting with different teqnigue combination I thought that I can unite this knowledge in the final project of the year – utterly moving words.

There is the  negative I made  in photography work shop, combination of my sketch and a picture I took in London’s zoo, that after is digitalised again and improved in Photoshop and from that made first experimental video and revision in After Efects.

The video as you can see it has very lovely vintage effect, that came as a lucky accident because I was filming the screen to put the video in the blog.

on Monday I had a talk with Kieron and so today I made this:

Also this one has a accident in process when filming computer screen, but it rather districts, sorry for that, I will show  you final outcome in high quality.

And here is a uplifting video from Jim Carrey the main actor from the movie: “Sunshine of aspotless mind”  the beautiful story from which all my creation got born out of.



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