Screen printing today

as the year is about do finish I wanted to do another nice masterpice- take photography workshop further. So I choose photo from pictures I made in photography workshop converted them in bit point and took to screen print.

Here are my notes  imageso the first screen I was working on was bad, because of it has been used too much and the color was not going through, then I took another one from textile department and made backgrounds in which my boats would be printed on


But then the screen that was with the exposed pictures of boats also was old and not letting through the color. I decided to have a break, because it really was a braking point, had a lunch and went to wash another screen, coated, exposed but then it didn’t work again… I still managed to do some work on the backgrounds, from the other picture of boats I made… To be continued ( pictures left in portfoolio, portfolio at uni )


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