Whitechapel Gallery: William Kentridge

image  Tick Time

Exhibitions in Whitechapel gallery most of the times are very daring, that’s why is no wonder installations, sculptures, movies and drawings of William Kentridge formed in exhibition Tick Time  where found in this gallery.

Artist lives is South Africa and his work is also strongly related to colonisation, it is very interesting the way he combines different scales and teqnigues in movies, quite often that reminds of Dada principles, but in a deeper sence related to abstract narrative.

Himself  in interview with the Guardian admitted, that the artistic process at the beginning starts from a mark, that leads to any of artists broad ways of expression. Read it here

The teatrical and at times linear storrytelling using silhouettes  formed Kentridge work disparate  and compelling.  “The refusal of time” is a very clear example of it. See creator  talking about this project: On YouTube

Most of his work demonstrates mixture of art teqnigues, as well  as abstract way of storrytelling.

For more information see exhibition in Whitechapel gallery


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