Scarfe and Music

Gerald’s Scarfe illustrations are very expressive, to achieve certain moods  he successfully uses color and shape, his works are satirically bold/ relentless.

British artist has been working in many fields: caricature, editorial cartoon,ballet, opera, theatre and others. But one of the most enjoyable collaborations in tour programs, stage settings and music animations were  with Pink Floyd.

In the Barbican music library, till October 31, is  the possibility to see mockups, illustrations, caricatures and hear the music of Pink Floyd.

Every work created by Gerald Scarfe in this exhibition has a grotesque irony about the unsteady, chaotic world of 70’s

This image in exhibition was different than any other, more artistic but still with the same ironic perception and the horrifying story about motionless observer in his dramatic environment.

Exhibition Scarfe and Music really made me wish to go to the Berlin, see the Wall and the world that’s been created by the people that were concerned about the world we live in.


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