Wellcome collection

imageHuman world is usually divided in two: spiritual and phisical. In Wellcome collection two exhibitions were dedicated to the spiritual world, precisely to the mental health and how it deforms in some cases.

Exhibition space, which is about Beldlam mental hospital was organised very artisticly, with some photos that had a white marker drawing on top, some patients stories that told about the way they were feeling their body parts being so long as if they could stretch outside the windows, or fall apart, these stories at time felt as wonderful superpowers from some sort of fiction.

Also in the archive of welcome collection there are many artworks of mental patients, that were shown in video with creator interviews, some of them seemed so vulnerable and veritable.

At the end of the exhibition there was a mockup of a heart, that would be as a inhabited place with divisions for relaxation, creativity and time with friends.

In the other exhibition “States of mind: tracing the edges of consciousness” had artistic documentaries about people with mental disorders, their daily life, that let visitor worship things that we usually take for granted. Some paintings and also old research about the nightmares and subconscious.

It is always interesting to see an exhibition Here


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