Artistic map adventures


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Maps in our life’s take a quite big part, with new technology and broad wide land space. In a highly populated and busy world we use them daily. They are a good tool to guide us through the life, in desired ways and directions, they show us the pathways we are about to discover.

One map that I find particularly interesting is recreation of the ancient culture in Australia.
This map; ‘Gelam Nguzu Kazi [Dugong My Son]’ of Torres Straits culture was recreated by David Bosun, in linocut using traditional symbols of the Melanesian people culture that has been lost in the process of colonisation. 
Blousons map is a visual narrative of the ancient myth that tells the sorry  about a mother that deceived his son and as she weeped when suffering the punishment of her son , she turned into a rock that now is the place where Mua islands were shaped.


Technique that are used in the map creation are so diverse, some of them are very finely crafted, others roughly outlined, but the artistic maps are like adventurous story’s that take you through miraculous journey.

Symbols that depicted in this artwork describes culture as a green, hot and wild animal inhabited, highly dependant on water. But in they mythical sense the object are like our maps that holds a secret to be discovered.



V&A collections

V&A “Mapping the imagination”


Native symbols






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