A little tale about Lewis Heriz and his studio

Record cover made by L. Heriz

Lewis Heriz passion for music records led him to the career of an illustrator. When finishing studies of English literature Heriz started to work casual jobs, but all the money he earned spent on music records. One day he felt that the literature was too much and decided to design a record sleeve and that’s how his illustrators carrier began.

Projects of Lewis are very diverse, that includes beer labels, coffe rosteries visual image design, book cover design and much more. Artist varies the style of work as much as the projects he undertakes.

Heriz studio corner @ Hackney Wick

His studio area is in Hackney wick, it is very artistic area with many murals decorated in beautiful graffitis and most of them relates to the music thematic, that’s why is no wonder his studio is based in this grungy and once by factories inhabited area.

This studio reflects  the model of an classic artist: creative, over inhabited, haotic, maintained on low budget and at the same time very interesting. In studio with Lewis works 6 people, they are in the studio already for 4 years and all employ different professions : fashion derigner, video editors, fine artist, illustration. This diversity  is very good for the convivence, because people from different fields of work can have opinions about one subject in totally different ways, also it works well because they all are working in different times. Space that this creative people inhabit is so diverse, movie editors have plain work surface,  fashion designer all sorts of mood boards illustrators corner contains everything: books, posters, words for inspiration and his own work.

Record sleeve made by L. Heriz

Illustrator prefers to work in studio because it is sorth of an isolation from the rest of the world, I think it works well especially at times when you want to be working with other creative people but still have a space to create your own world. I think it is a bit af a dream come true, do the job you love and have experience in working in shared studio creating a studio space worth live in.

To see more of Lewis Heriz work please visit his web page


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