Thriving day-by-day


 Uprising graphic designer Indré Jonikaité tells a story about her most interesting project of the previous year and gives insight on how she generates her ideas.



The photography project was very successful, can you describe how was to work on this task?

I really enjoyed this project, as I love photography and think it is an essential skill for a graphic design, it was very interesting to discover the magic of the dark room.

Seems that the work with light sensitive emulsion really came easy to you, would you like to do some future projects in this technique?

As I love to experiment rather than to work through neatly outlined plan, it was a perfect medium in which I could express my self.

Photography: Indré Jonikaité

Your appierance clearly shows that music takes very big part in your life it also looks like it does reflects in your work, do you get inspiration from it?

Yes, that’s true, music is a source I charge from, all though I don’t have one specific favourite gandre, I love to variate my playlist. The time I was working on photography project I was listening to Indie Rock Alternative like music.

What are the other sources of your inspiration, how do you begin your work?

I usually get inspired from dayly experiences, most of my work starts with research in mass media, at times I like to visit library.

And what is the message you would like to deliver to the world out there?

Be yourself and try to express through your work, be original and not the copy.

Photography: Indré Jonikaité

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