Abram Games

img_5587About graphic designer Abram Games I got to know from his daughter Naomi Games at the Hot House Talk.

She was telling a storry about her fathers yourney in graphic design, the time of the studies and the time of war.

I really admire those people that proceed to do art in so terrible times like war, all though I suppose if you are really artist that is the only way to survive.

What I found interesting in his graphic design is that he liked to combine image with letter or symbol. His works ,because of the good skills of using air brush, are precise and smooth, he did accurate research on every brief.  And he worked for noble causes through the war.

Best quote from Abram Games: ” Something has to work small before it can work large.”

And something personal that Naomi emphasised was that his weekness was woman legs and he was very arrogant.

here is a nice column if you want to know more.


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