it really feels like it!

img_5627Waking up in the morning and reflecting on yesterday’s lesson: I have to say it really felt like crazy ride and I would repeat it as many times as needed!

Only difference between this two experiences is that the fast running lesson leaves you not only with messy head and shaking legs, but also with knowledge and a lot of things to think about. Yesterday one made my thoughts run about:

  • Brand manifesto – intentions, motives, views
  • Communities – diverse groups with different interests
  • Brand permutations – product classification
  • Uniqueness – style, language
  • Personality –  qualities that forms a brand

And, as well, a good visual example from our tutor: Emily Penny projects rebranding products. My conclusion is that the branding does make a big difference in products future. And from there I come to the thought that it makes me even more interested in this studio modules!

The things that I wish for is to be able to focus more and to feel less sick and cold, hopefully next week I can do better as now we know what does it feel to be on the rollercoaster.



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