Uniques of Bui smoothies and research on product itself .

Second part of the week 2 was dedicated to client product inquiries, but before that we had to take a look on the Deline and Packaging of the World sites and analyse colour palette of smoothies.

Here are mine observations:img_5640

Guests came after lunch and introduced to they product, I was interested to work with Bui smoothies and here is what I got to know:

img_5599They vision is to make people more healthy, and that’s why keep fruits vitamins in the drinks after preservation. Bui smoothies care about they people and what they put in they bellies, thus the content of the bottle is always what it says to be. Would like to stay simple but eye catching. I future employ Artican women to harvest the fruit.



They mission: we aim to deliver fresh fruit with vitamins using HPP preservation and inform people about healthy ingredients of baobab.

Profile: What distinguishes Bui smoothies from others is that they contain baobab. Doesn’t contain artificial colours, no added sugars, contains natural flavour.img_5595

Audience personas: 

Young professionals because of they innovativeness and happyness

Health conscious people with very healthy ingredients

Bussy people, smoothie is nutritious and on the go.

Values: healthy, honest, nutritious, friendly, unique

Affinity brands: innocent, savase.

And then we also prepared a task for them to choose 9 adjectives that they feel stand for they personality:




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