naming the brand

Created in Adobe sketch : “The lesson about successful product”   by Diana Gile


Yesterday in the class we did a lot of work, productive and summarative, first part of the day was dedicated to catch up and summarise all the work that is in progress for the project that we work, second part – Emily was explaining successful branding principles precisely – naming brand,  creating more human dialogue with costumer and delivering  clear message about the brands vision.

Then we had a brand naming exercise, at first we looked up on existing brands and grouped them in categories : descriptive, evocative, symbolic or abstract.

After that we had to look at our product that we are working with and analyse clients vision, mission and message to invent many different names: in my group we are working on bui smoothie. My colleagues where were creative! And three best versions of naming it ,in my opinion is:

  • Buimama
  • Gambui
  • Tribaltwist

Then we had to create a tag line for all three of them, I thought about this:

BuiMama – Great nourishment from the Mother Nature.

Gambui – Gambian gift for healthy and active life.

Tribaltwist – Connect with the roots of Africa.





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