design museum


untitled-1Design museum was like a collector – grandmothers cupboard with a lot of stuff, a good experience to see the different packaging and how it has changed through the time.

we had also a couple of tasks to do, one of them was to write down 8 values of the brand that be are working with and all of them in different typefaces.

was quite hard task because sometimes the letters of particular letter family where missing, so then i was using my imagination to replace them. i also played with the color to make it more modern and interesting. Maybe a bit too bright for a screen, my initial idea was to make a nature colors, but well… that’s the particularity of work with computer, it always looks different on the paper, even though  I love to work in adobe sketch.

Some observations that the type timeline is getting simpler towards the war period and then vibrant and complicated around 80’s and back to simplicity in our days, its always coming back, but sometimes we loose that fine neat line with time. words


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