pastiche 1560

Today we had a lesson with Michelle Salamon and Ricardo Eversley, they where sheering knowledge about how to make a sequence – still images – photo montage .

The information content takes tow processes and we where divided in to tow groups:

  • gathering
  • editing – i was editing

Using Adobe Premier Pro we had to make a video map that showed how to get from one point in the building to the other one. precisely from our studio to the first years through the computer room.

Program seems mush like Adobe aftereffects, with the same division of time line, and storage space, but different features.

I learned how to add images to the time line, add music and customize they length.

some boundaries that my group had on the way was  that we had to change computer and all with it also sort the files all over again, rearrange the order of them.

but we still made something and it’s here:

i would like to learn more about it, especially how to zoom in the picture, how to reduce image time track and all the other exciting things.

Thank you for the lesson, hopefully I can make a next project better.


After I made another experiment:



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