visiting Selfridges

on Tuesday morning precisely at 10 am at the door of Selfridges  bells are playing harmonically, announcing of a new shopping day, this 5+ floor shopping center is like a whole galaxy with lovely designed products.

i came here with the task to do a research on smoothie brands and they shelf presentation, have to say that that was the division that was not as exciting as the rest, but from the other side it is very good, because I can make my brand stand out more. chill

that was the main smoothie shelf

this two shelves I found interesting because of particular look of the package, that looked very friendly – organic – medicine a like.

barThis shelf sanded out because of the big space that it was occupying. I also liked  they slogan, all though the packaging feels very glamorous and the product a way mysterious.


Some smoothies where kept fresh, and it is a clear sign of fresh product, but the etiquette was absent, so i guess they where also freshly made in the store.

colorColor wise I liked the chocolate stand, that would work well in the BUI smoothie design.

And tho more pictures of interesting packaging of chocolate packaging, the vintage typeface that was very attractive to my eye and a good composition on the shelf .chocho14886206_10155336171014008_30382860_n

and for the last a superhero dress that i found very illustrative, looks a bit like blessed by Jimi Hendrix   😀



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