Creative Infusion

Today in Creative industry practice we where preparing our team products for Sunday up market.

It felt just like being in a real creative agency. We decided in teams:

  • ptoduction
  • branding
  • marketing
  • development
  • finances

And discussed possible opportunities in each category.

I was in a branding group and worked on a logo, as I started to do them a night before, my first logo was a cup with steam, I think it is very simple and represents our companies essentials and is good design for memorable logo. img_6033


img_6029But then, as my group had other opinions about it, I started to look at different ideas and one that I liked came from Jessica.

I started to refine it and play with the shape, I thought as we are Creative Infusion that instead of a lid would be very nice to put a beret. Then Carla suggested to add a C and I letter in design.img_6125

After that I thought about adding some colour and now it looks like this:


I understand that it’s impossible to satisfy everyone, but we still have to make it work…


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