Typography exploration

5 week, Friday on 4.11.2016.

Lesson with Sarah was about typography rules, that only when we know them it’s possible to brake them.

First part of the day was dedicated to the presentation and few examples one that I liked very much and think it was very clever is here :


Then we had a task that we had to make a research on different type faces, creating 6 a4 pages research, I found a time also to do a research on creative typefaces.img_6127

then we had to analyse it and think about the type poster.


This is one of the versions I made, not perfect, but so is the life 🙂  just trying to emprove both the poster and the life.

Thank you Sara for the healthy workshop, it’s good to know all of the little details about typography that is usually visible only then when something is wrong with it. I guess it’s like with a construction of a building.


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