Pastiche storyboard Rihannon

img_6357Second part of the Creative Industry Practice was the conversation in pairs about the storyboard for pastiche 1560.

I had a conversation with Rhiannon, she chose to do a video about the Glen Keane, the ‘father’ of the mermaid and several other Disney characters.

Glen Keane – Little Mermaid


Rhiannon style is so like his and she is throughly a Disney fanatic, she her selfie is like a walking character from the fairytale and also in her future she would love to do a character design for Disney, so it is no doubt that something great is coming out of that pastiche.

Her main idea in pastiche is to focus on how many different life’s has Glean Keane has created for Walt Disney.

Aswell  I wanted to mention that she will animate all the pastiche herself and it will be narrative with abstractions, like colour splashes that turns in to a characters of Glen Keane.

To see more about Rhiannon visit her page and feel free to live a comment, she is very chatty and intelligent illustrator.Visit


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