Visualisation of the brand

on last Friday we had a lesson with Ricardo. The task of the day was to analyses brand graphics, we where divided in to groups and then went to library to do the research, on competitors brands text, images, graphic, composition, logos…  after formatted findings  in in-design.

it was a good time spent because it made me look closer and analyses brands graphics.


from images on veb page and Instagram it’s obvious that  Savse is representing they product as very healthy, cute and fashionable product for active and happy people.

Then I went to look for the company DesignActivity that formed the brands ‘face’ and found some interesting info, one in particular is that Savse in Georgian means crammed that is quite descriptive and strong name  for this smoothie.

that’s the job they have done for the brand, it looks pretty simple, but the simple things also takes a lot of knowledge to form a direct message to the potential customer , my guess is that the creators of SaVse brand had to have skills of : photographer, graphic designer, researcher, typographer, artist, in -design, good composition, writing skills too.




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