Dan Dawson

This hot house talk was different from others, especially because Dan Dawson asked us to put our notes away and just listen,  because that is the key skill of creative when it comes to responding to the brief.

Then there was other thing he made us do, cross arms uncross and do it in the opposite way, for sure that was a strange moment. Then he told that his company strives to think and make things in a different way.

After that he showed a short video what Grand Visual the company.

The main purpose is telling story in a different way. Most of his work is made interactive. Making impossible possible with cutting edge technology.

Connecting millions of people all around the world, innovative, original  story telling that changes the thinking.


Some of the companies they have been working on : Disney, Nike, Pepsi max and many more.

The most important thing is great idea, because technology exists to meke anything.


And that’s Ricardo recording the talk, apparently , it will be posted online.

Some advices from Dan Dawson :

  • Walk before you run
  • Continue education
  • Freelance and explore
  • Be brave getting out your comfort zone
  • Go trysomething you are less familiar with
  • Learn everywhere you go




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