Making a living – Accelerator

another spokeswoman in second day of making living day – Simon Bolt, he works at Accelerator as a student enterprise manager and previously worked as a lawyer in Australia. He has a lot of energy and advices to give away.

First of all he informed about ways one can start they own business:

  • sole trader
  • partnership
  • limited company
  • performing work for others

Accelerator works with graduates up to 5 years helping to start a freelance business, participate in boot camps, launchpad and big idea challenge.

few advices:

  • practice talking about what you do
  • research who you want to work with
  • establish credibility
  • organise your money
  • use contracts
  • don’t wait for opportunity, create it!
  • visit exhibitions, industry events see who is on top
  • keep records of spendings
  •  be aware of copyright

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