pastiche 1560

Alice Wellinger is a current practitioner in illustration. In her works she uses still, surrealistic approach, that makes me think of Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali,  clearly communicating in visual images that  express feelings from different  stages in life.

Creating this video I wanted to make a story about  one sort of life  experience, to talk about the uplifting feelings and sad loneliness, when we gain and when we lose, because without one another life would be incomplete.

i wanted to create this pastiche as contrasting as the illustrators works. The purpose is to reach emotions of viewer just the way the Alice’s Wellinger’s works reached mine.

This video is dramatic and might make you question, why so sad?  Because  that is only one part of life that is the stage when one makes mistake, dies inside and with gained experience “revives” for a better life. I think that  most of us have gone true similar feelings, that’s why it communicates with very few words using sound and visuals as the main language.

All images are from Alice Wellinger website, animated in collage using Photoshop mix and adobe sketch.

that’s the link to the vimeo


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