My investment in the groups work.

Group seven had 9 people working on the brief.

img_6354As some of the group members had been involved in work with beverages besides the university work. And the tea is one of ways we can warm ourselves in the cold winter time, group agreed to make and sell personalised  Christmas tea with different flavours and customed tea packaging.

Group seven needed a name, in smaller group of people we where brainstorming ideas, I came up with: “Creative Infusion”. It turned out to be good, because it transmits the message to customers about creative people making tea in just two words. Then it was turn to make a logo, to create it it took fire days of experiments, even though  I created the final design at the beginning, because some of the people thought that to use abstract tea cup with steam is not original. Se we considered to use tea pots, leaves, even tea bags. But after a research I found that the other symbols are used as much as the one of tea cup and steam. So as the logo design that I made at the beginning was the strongest, we agreed to use it.

Every group member had to create mood board, concept board, and tea packaging design.img_6269

When I was maning a banner, whe  where missing the strap line and I though that : “Inspiration to keep you warm sounds good ”



Here is the logo, name and strap line on banner.

and illustrations that figurative in presentation and in promotional sites





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