Research: task 1

First task for the new years new project in inventivity studio was research based on cafe visits and observation of essential ‘touch points’ and communication opportunities generated by  3 original cafes places.

Part A:

Christmas break  was a good time to visit new and original places to pass the free time in.

London’s board game cafe DRAUGHTS   was very interesting to be in, with over 750 table games , friendly staff and delicious tea  time flew incredibly fast. and discovery of a new table game  was an exciting experience.

image from

Cafe BISCUITEERS was very different from the first one i visited. This place was made in a style of old french bakery that you can find in Paris on the rue d’Opera. Witty cookies made for customers to brighten up they or they beloved days.

20 ‘touch point’ research on customer experience

The atmosphere that ‘lives’ there makes you look for a little pixie with iced wings and red cheeks, but instead you can find only the creation of hers, that is so adorable and nice to explore them in every corner of the cafe.

Other places that I haven’t visited but have made research and looks quite interesting to go to are ZIFERBLAT cosy thee house for adults to spend they time in as well as pay for nothing more then the minutes of stay.

20 ‘touch point’ research on customer experience

Both of the cafe’s are very different in they approach, and focuses on very different customers. But in any way I think that the visuals to communicate with audience in both of the places are very successful. The thing that they have in common is fine line illustrations that are friendly and inviting.

Third place that I observed was cyclists cafe LOOK MUM NO HANDS

20 ‘touch point’ research on customer experience

This place keeps they visitors busy with workshops dedicated to bicycle fixing, karaoke evenings, and exhibitions.

Looking at all three cafes it is obvious that promotion and additional products placed on shelves and on line for purchase  makes crucial point when it comes to income.

Part B:

Here are two of my design heroes, one is illustrator Jean Jullien, that I absolutely admire, how funny, light and at he same time thoughtful his work is . ( he dis the Paris peace symbol as well)

Other one is Justin Ahrens, more graphical in his approach but still very friendly and working towards making World a better place.


Part C:
This part of the research took me a long time to research, I was looking at Ted talks, charity online materials and info graphics. Talking to my family and considering what would be the cause I could dedicate my project for.
I decided that the main causes that i would like to focus on are:
  • cancer
  • depression
  • mass consumption

Cancer patients I have seen quite often, and I think that this group of people needs strong support  when it comes to overcoming fears and turning to the doctor, it would be good to do some friendly promotional materials, art therapy workshops… after all it is one of the diseases women die the most of.  16128486_10155652115204008_452974767_n.jpeg

Depression is one of our time most popular diseases, that made me think and do a research on this cause cure. Eventually scientists have come up with idea that spending time actively involved in outdoors activities people get stronger mental health. So my thoughts was to make a cafe with plenty things to keep your ‘temple’ healthy.


Mass consumption this days has gone too far, levels of World pollution created from fast fashion companies and other ‘disposable like ‘  mass production  goods made for people to consume without giving a thought makes planet to turn in to waste. Io its time to do some promotion towards the slowing down and consider the choices we are making.


So it is hard decision to make , because all three of this causes are in quite a bad situation, all though looking at the info about charity foundation  it is obvious that the cancer is supported quite well comparing to depression that might lead to suicides. So my thought at the moment is to create a healthy environment place that makes people appreciate more the beauty of nature and in that way feel better and make the world less polluted by consuming less and  being active outdoors. The cafe I would like to dedicate to customers between   18-64. For young professionals and  people actively making choices buying goods made by fast production.

And a thought I would like to end this chapter on is quote from Mahatma Gandhi:

Be the change You want to see in the world.


4 thoughts on “Research: task 1

  1. I enjoy, cause I discovered just what I was looking for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye


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