Blogging was one of the first classes with Richardo Everley,  he thought us how to create webpage on WordPress.

To me this subject was very unfamiliar. It seemed as completely different world,  where everything was categorised and had an order, only me somehow  got lost in this virtual space.

That was a big challenge to understand this system, mostly because I couldn’t attend the first class, where teacher was taking through this process step by step. So, I made my decision, always be on classes.

Jennifer my classmate kindly and patiently guided me through the tutorial… Now when I think back maybe it wasn’t so hard, but back then my head was exploding.

So with headache I got my WordPress account but somehow it was with numbers instead name, that was the moment when I realised that I need an advise from teacher, after lessons he looked through my page and fixed my mistakes, and confusion somehow dissolved.

Straight after that I went to library and created my first two blogs, this time happy about the results.

Now this site seems to be friendlier,  like a virtual diary, that is healthy to keep up,  to revise things and make them clear.