Kinetic typography

today with Michel Salamon we had a workshops making short moving letter movies, first we saw some short movies for inspiration and then we got decided in to groups of 5 and made experimental short movies. We created different letters and experimented with all.   At the lunch I made another experiment  

Utterly moving words

this task made me think constantly about the movement, I was going to run and observing movement, listening to music and emagening the way words could flow, doing experiments with different materials and finaly learning after effects. it is so good to have a program like that, where from all your knowledge you can make … More Utterly moving words

Photography day 2

This time we where working with negatives, processing pictures and doing some experiments in digital photography. So amazing the process when from small picture comes out something much larger. It still feels magical, I wonder how astonishing that was back in 29th century if even today it seems to be surprising, especially when happy accidents … More Photography day 2

utterly moving words

New task comes with new challenge, this time it is typographic moving image piece of 20 seconds long, with sound and directed with excellent precision. For this task are devoted 3 weeks. first day was dedicated to: experiments with moving type. writing workshop, in which we had to find words from the movie fragment that … More utterly moving words