Another idea on pastiche 1650 was to do a video about Andy Whorhol, so I did esperiments in photoshop the way he was doing his silk screens, very saturated. The words that I was planing to use where: consumption, pop, popular that would jump out 0f images just like in comics. The storyboard might look … More

Pastiche creation

    Alice Wellinger inspired me to create this pastiche, because her work ismade with a good painter skills and it visually communicates with people connecting through emphatic. I chose the images, that in my opinion where transmitting strong feelings. It was long process in discovering how to do the real film, because trying to … More Pastiche creation

pastiche 1560

Alice Wellinger is a current practitioner in illustration. In her works she uses still, surrealistic approach, that makes me think of Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali,  clearly communicating in visual images that  express feelings from different  stages in life. Creating this video I wanted to make a story about  one sort of life  experience, to … More pastiche 1560

Christmas ready

Creative infusion presentation day. It was good, better than I expected, but wit a better team work we could achieve much more. Rihannon and Zara did the talking, it was funny and informal, some nice infusion of creative people 😀 My logo, tag line and illustrations looked very good on the screen, so that it … More Christmas ready

Creative Infusion

Today in Creative industry practice we where preparing our team products for Sunday up market. It felt just like being in a real creative agency. We decided in teams: ptoduction branding marketing development finances And discussed possible opportunities in each category. I was in a branding group and worked on a logo, as I started … More Creative Infusion

Manipulate Meaning

As Erik Fritts explains in article of videomaker Kuleshov effect is a image sequence that is vital to the good movie and just by replacing one image that follows the character can change the whole meaning of the movie. I like how Hitchcock explains this trick in this video.