Family and friends

Company bases on love, love for design that makes care for doing a really good job. Mission: always find a big idea, to build brands that people love to love. It was  very inspiring talk about future work and metodes. few things that shapes up a good design: Working in a very open, honest and … More Family and friends

Dan Dawson

This hot house talk was different from others, especially because Dan Dawson asked us to put our notes away and just listen,  because that is the key skill of creative when it comes to responding to the brief. Then there was other thing he made us do, cross arms uncross and do it in the … More Dan Dawson

Alistar Hall

we made this blog writer , tutor at London Met , creative director and graphic designer came to the hot house talk and showed some bright examples of his work. the ones that i liked the most whee projects dedicated to the kids education. i think it’s something really amazing when you can make come … More Alistar Hall